Halloween Trick-or-Treating bags and buckets, Halloween placemats, picture frame, and more.
This is the standard 7" high white plastic model. Clean.
Dragon kite with 76 inch wingspan--all parts included, used only once. Comes with good spool of string.
Bike rack that holds up to 2 bikes. Attaches to back of vehicle.
Kid's helmet. Rarely used. Was for a 13 year old boy. Sorry the photo is upside-down.
Kids helmet, white, size unknown. Sorry the photo is upside-down.
This is a full gallon of GM Dexcool anti-freeze. We don't have the car that uses this any longer. Make sure your car is compatible with Dexcool
Full or nearly full gallon of Peak Anti-Freeze. Green fluid color. We have no cars which take this variety of anti-freeze.
I had hopes of building a mini arcade cabinet with this. I never got around to it. It has composite video and mono audio input. Works well, nice Sony picture and has a headphone jack. Can't beat the price.
1 container (open) Garden of Life Chocolate FIT 28g protein/serving. 1 container (open) Garden of Life Vanilla Raw Protein & Greens 20g protein/serving.
6 oz KAL Xylitol (open). 1 lb NOW Erythritol (open).
Kohler and Campbell spinet circa 1968
Open can expires May, 2019. Whole Foods 365 brand Psyllium Husk
At the curb
Futon was used by my daughter for a few years. After that, it was stored in the basement. We are reorganizing the basement and no longer want it. The frame is in good shape but there are a few spots where the wires have broken off from the frame. The cushion is intact. The futon will be kept in the basement until prior to pickup. I will hep move, but please bring someone to help me.
free landscape stones approximately 10 cubic feet left slightly orange in color (more like terracotta or brick color) approximately 1" to 2" each in size
8 across.
4 x 6 pink/floral wool rug. Good condition. A slight fray at the fringe on one end. Water stain underneath, but does not show thru to front. Pls indicate when you would like to pick up in your request.
free landscape stones (slightly orange in color, but not a saturated or vibrant orange, more like terracotta or brick hue)
Used for after knee surgery, now no longer needed
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